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A company that cares about people first
A company that delivers the preciousness of time

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    Since the establishment in 2002, Dawul GeoInfo has collected accurate data through the nationwide merchant operating system and has focused on the construction of GIS spatial information contents and development of GIS solution through independent skills and innovative technical development so as to offer high-quality integrated GIS platform and is a future-oriented company that has been leading the continuous growth based upon trust.

    Dawul GeoInfo will perform continuous research and investment in the technical development in constructing spatial information infrastructure, sticking to the basics with an open mind at all times and will do its utmost to become a company that creates new values for people, cares about people more than anything else, and delivers the preciousness of time. Dawul GeoInfo aims to provide every single client with necessary customized contents and constructs the top-class digital maps at all times through accurate data gathering and prompt reflection of information via a nationwide network system.

    Dawul GeoInfo also satisfies various clients' requirements in an ubiquitous era by offering web and C/S service, using GIS solution, S/W development and supply, and various GIS contents, and providing them with map-based applied/fusion services via publication business/printing service and e-commerce.

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  • Name of company Dawul GeoInfo Co., Ltd.
    CEO Kim In-gyu
    Date of establishment 2002. 04. 01
    Place of business 1008-ho(WOORIM E-BUSICENTER Building, Guro-dong), 28, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Business area Construction of GIS spatial DB and contents, development of GIS solutions, supply of GIS-based services, SI business
    Telephone number 82-2-2068-2903