Business area

Dawul GeoInfo suggests future technology for
constructing spatial information infrastructure
designed for GIS service.

  • Development of
    GIS solution products
    • Dawul GIS Engine
    • Dawul VRS Route-searching Engine
    • Dawul IMS Indoor map service Engin
    • Address-standardizing Engine
    • Image-converting Tool
    • GIS DB-making Tool
    • Indoor map field investigation Tool
    GIS-based service
    • Solution / Contents package products
    • Map ASP
    • Extended contents ASP
    • Route-searching ASP
    • Address-refining / Converting ASP
    Construction of
    GIS spatial DB / contents
    • Construction of GIS spatial DB
    • Construction of extended contents DB
    • Construction of multilingual map
    • Construction of global map
    SI business
    • Service related to the development of
      public institutions and private companies
    • Service related to the construction of
      GIS DB for public and private projects
    • Service related to the construction of
      overseas map DB
    • National R&D projects
追究随时随地所信赖的高品质的服务 通过DawulGIS合并平台提出GIS为基础的多样的商务模特