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GIS Statistical Data

Dawul GeoInfo offers a GIS-based statistical
system by connecting K-Block for which Dawul GeoInfo
has applied for a patent and a statistical system to map.

Dawul GeoInfo offers various ways of use, such as a company's establishment of marketing strategies, commercial power analysis, promotion, advertisement, and customer management, through GIS Statistical Data.

Overview of GIS Statistical Data

  • Administrative information service though map - Statistical services on population census, welfare, business category, finance, and such
  • K-Block service that shows statistical information of any specific block at a glance
  • Provision of a distribution map of business categories by theme and region and statistical service on floating population
  • Provision of a statistical system optimized for commercial power analysis, promotion, and customer management by providing various statistical information
  • GIS statistical service optimized for commercial power analysis

DawulGIS Statistical Data

DawulGIS Statistical Data