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GIS Solution

Dawul GIS Solution offers an integrated GIS solution
based upon GIS Engine, indoor map engine, and path-finding engine.

Dawul GIS Solution offers the foundation of various GIS businesses by supporting various platforms and providing and managing high-performance service API.

GIS Solution

GIS Solution
  • Provision of operation
    and management tools
    • Operation of service / management of contents
    • Construction of distributed environment /
      real-time synchronization
    Support of
    various platforms
    • Unix / Windows / Linux
    • Web / Mobile / i-OS/Android
    Guarantee of
    mutual applicability
    • Support of various GIS file formats
    • Shape, Dfx, Geotiff, KML, etc
    Various types of
    service API
    • Optimization service by
      offering various types of API
    • MashUp, Geocoding, Reverse, etc
GIS Solution