Dawul Address Conversion

Dawul GeoInfo owns the largest amount of

accurate GIS spatial data in Korea

and offers various services using GIS contents.

Dawul Address Conversion service is the best address management service designed with the address-refining system that helps change indiscreetly managed address data to standardized, accurate address and it also allows user to search a new address with road name which is a new policy starting to be in effect and gives a new post code and coordinate.
Dawul Address Conversion
Use of Dawul Address Conversion service
Dawul Map service is valid in real estate, asset / logistics, distribution, traffic, LBS / analysis of commercial supremacy / travel, tour / local, living / public, disaster / finance, insurance, and more other fields.
Use of Dawul Address Conversion service

Automatic correction of typing errors, old address, and synonyms

100% matching with road name-based address

Handling 10,000 cases in a second

Acquisition of GS(Good Software) Certificate from the Telecommunication Technology Association(TTA)

Provision of accurate and various address patterns based on accumulated knowhow related to address refinement and analysis for many years

Refinement processing coming out with the latest address through the systematic management of history data and continuous update

Fast address refinement process using memory structure

Provision of accurate coordinate information of address using lot number DB(3,780 numbers)

Accurate address refinement using name DB(3.8 million names)