Dawul Mobile

"Dawul Map" where GIS on travel, leisure, and

real estate and smart phone are combined

Experience a differentiated indoor map through Dawul Map.

Dawul Map shows useful information around your location and indoor map information in a convenient and easy way.

Dawul Map's own technology!

IZat technology developed by Qualcomm which is a global leading company in wireless communication technology and mobile technology/product industries is embedded in "Dawul Map".

IZat is Qualcomm's positioning technology and it offers accurate indoor/outdoor location information quickly on a map application available on mobile devices.

Dawul Mobile
  • See Dawul nationwide indoor map
  • - See indoor map based on the current location

    - See real estate map(compiled cadastral map, development information, planning of use)

  • List of indoor map
  • - Map search service classified into four categories (shopping, department store, underground shopping arcade, hospital)

    - See indoor map of 104 regions

  • See Dawul indoor map
  • - See indoor map of 104 regions

  • Finding your current location and path finding via indoor map based on the indoor positioning system
  • - Path finding and route guidance from your current location to a store you want to go

    - Mock navigation service

    - Checking your current location via indoor map

  • Fast search system
  • - Favorites

    - Sharing the current location

  • Best path-finding service
  • - Navigation available from 21 indoor maps

    - Automatic indoor map conversion when coming inside from outside

  • Indoor map available from server, web, and mobile
  • Dawul Map offers optimized map services on PC, tablet PC, and mobile devices.

    Dawul Indoor Map API