VRS Solution

VRS Solution offers the best path-finding services

by applying path-finding engines, geographic information,

real-time traffic information.

VRS Solution offers various GIS business foundations by applying Dawul GeoInfo's own advantages in geographic information to various path-finding data foundations, such as road shape data, node data, charge table, and real-time traffic information.
Dawul VRS Solution
Dawul VRS Solution
  • Multi-device service

    - Application to various devices through web service, mobile service, and such by
    providing API and SDK

  • Effective service through shape data

    - Increased readability based upon various shape data of road, building, mountain, and more

  • Optimal course-finding service

    - Optimal course-finding service via expressway, national highway, motorway, and such

  • Real-time traffic information-based service

    - Shortest course-finding service based on real-time traffic information