IMS Solution

IMS(Indoor Map Service) Solution constructs

a precise indoor map through indoor positioning

and also offers indoor GIS service solution.

Dawul IMS Solution offers indoor LBS services, such as indoor path-finding through the actual survey-based indoor map creation and indoor positioning process, via various devices.
Dawul IMS Solution
>Dawul IMS Solution
Block diagram of Dawul IMS service
Dawul IMSサービスの構成図
  • Unification of indoor map and general map

    - Use without division through the unification of indoor map and general map

  • Effective service through multi-layer and standard layer

    - Increased efficiency through multi-layer service

  • Indoor path-finding service through indoor positioning process

    - Provision of indoor path-finding service by introducing indoor positioning technology

  • Multi device service

    - Applicable to various devices, such as web and mobile, by offering API and SDK